Blockchain is the 4th wave of “Software Eating the World”

As famously stated by Marc Andreesen “Software is eating the World”

The 1st wave of Software on The personal computer Microsoft Windows
Was the early genesis of distributing computing in a handful of industries.

The internet expanded the reach of Software beyond the computer hardware industry creating the second wave lead by tech giants.

The third wave Deep learning expanded the reach of Software into many massive industries leading to the internet of everything were every business will be forced to become a technology business with code as its nervous system in order to not only thrive but survive in the new world order .

The 4th wave blockchain and digital wallets are transforming more than payments. The future connected cites are becoming the gateways to the internet of everything powered by distributed computing networks.

Future distributed networks with different degrees of decentralization will build trust and align incentives. The internet of Blockchains will integrate information within and across enterprise boundaries streamline and accelerate processes, reduce or eliminate the roles of intermediaries. In the next 10 years we will have a platform where the users

no longer have to run a node or create a consensus mechanism. This platform will take us to the next phase of killer consumer applications.

Software will allow 3D printing project management networking to disrupt the manufacturing and industrial complex as we know it. Smart contracts will play a role in

 not only supply chain management but in the automation of production in factories greatly reducing cost and streamlining processes globally .

Digital currencies and information sent from person to person via Satellite networks, private information being used on public blockchains via ZkP rollups , corporate giants like Visa are preparing for the future internet of everything powered by Blockchain technology that will dramatically change the way we live, learn and work in future generations.

Why has Blockchain made this possible ?

The Software controls the hardware instead of the operating system using hardware controlling the software .

For example :
System level tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain. Non fungible tokens Digital goods and collectibles issued on blockchains where

Code that runs sends collectibles or virtual goods based on the conditions of the code.

Decentralized finance innovations such as Maker DAO creating lending combined with smart contracts using staking combined with a stable coin. decentralized autonomous organizations also known as DAOs could serve as the framework for the future of social media networks allowing users to take back control of their data.

We are moving towards a world where trust will become imbedded in the user experience

Leading us to the next wave of internet .

The Internet of value did 2 things so far .

  1. made learning free
  2. made participation free (open source)
  3. The future will be monetization of you for network participation

The digital world use to be optional now it’s fundamentally necessary!

Which is leading to a new paradigm of Community owned and operated digital services. This new framework for platforms will incentivize community owned tribe like social networks and applications that reward users for adding value to a network. This will give users ownership and participation in the success or failure of the network. Reddit unveiled their token launches MOON and BRICK, respectively,  that will be used as “community points”. In the future Influencers and micro celebrities will be able to monetize access and fame in ways never before in the history of civilization.

Every technological advance is both a blessing and a curse yet every generation lives better than the richest titans generations before due to technological advances.

I believe that contrary to popular opinion we are living in the greatest time in history .Today the poor and middle class live  better than the wealthiest titans a century ago.

Our future is what we make it!

in the age of exploration if we are prepared technology will serve us in ways previously unimaginable.

Disclaimer. This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Disclosure The author may hold Bitcoin and/or Gold. Any one considering an investment in cryptocurrencies should consult their own financial advisor.

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