How to start a startup with just an idea!

You have an idea, you think it’s brilliant, it solves certain people’s problems and makes the world a better place, even if there are billions of people who will benefit from it – JUST DO IT, REALIZE the idea!

The standard questions that everyone asks themselves are: whether it’s on the market and whether people will like it, and where I’ll take the team, the money to provide it and to develop the project.

I will try to answer what to do in this situation.

If you have come up with something that you would use and it is not freely available in the market, then most likely other people can’t find it, but they could use it, so your idea could at least be more accessible to people and therefore more in demand.

Look around, tell your family and friends about your idea, maybe you will find someone who is ready to support you. Someone will help you make a presentation for future investors, someone will be able to write text for the site’s landings or social networks, someone will help you with your acquaintances, and maybe even financial support.

Someone may want to invest in your idea. The most minimal, but perhaps it is one of the most valuable things – for free you will get feedback, see the look from the outside, maybe get approval or the other way around you will learn about subtle points in the project that you have not thought about, and now you can fix.

If you don’t have the money and team to implement the idea, you need to find the most budget-friendly way to implement it, not just your friends and acquaintances. Most likely, it will be a landing site and social networks.

The cost of the domain and site branding or site designer varies from $ 30-50 per year, somewhere even the domain is a gift, in social networks you register at all for free. (Instagram, Facebook, be sure to register on LinkedIn).

All this already allows you to be online, where you can develop further. The main thing to remember is that any move forward is better than standing still.

Make up your own site (the easiest way to do this is in constructor sites like wix.som), where you just add texts and images, without writing code, etc. complex programming processes. At the moment your task is recognizability and scalability.

Who has problems with vision, how the site should look like, turn to creative friends, acquaintances or freelancers designers, who for $ 20 will sketch you an approximate layout of what you want to portray on the site, and then it’s just upload photos and descriptions of sections.

When you have an idea that you can no longer just tell, and send a link to a friend, you can start placing this link on startup sites, groups in social networks, installation, with the words that you are looking for a team for a share in the project, an option or a fixed payment.

A small life-hack to speed up your visit to the site – find a blogger in the network, whose posts are watched by a certain circle of people who may be useful to your idea and under each new post write comments with a link to your site, you are guaranteed to gather part of the audience who will be interested in your link.

Search the web for links to lists of venture funds, accelerators, business angels. Look for startup events, meetups, contests, send out a presentation of your idea, use any free opportunities to implement your idea.

Look for links to interesting people in social networks, don’t be afraid to write to them directly, to Storis Instagram, Linkedin or ask to pass information through distant but possible acquaintances. Remember, it’s just a letter or message, and there’s always a chance that a person might be interested in it and should use it.

Remember that it’s up to you to implement your idea and make it happen, and you don’t have to have money or a team to do it, it’s important to have a desire not to stop every day!

Sergey Voskolovich

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