Human Energetic Intelligence

Demystifying Money for Wealth and Abundance

Demystifying Money for Wealth and Abundance

Energy is essential for everything and everyone.

Science tells that it has many forms and can flow through various states and fields. The law of energy conservation explains that it can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed or transferred from one form to another. In our lives, we endlessly do exactly that. We take part in an ongoing process of energy conversion.


We call it creation, but in reality we do conversion.

Over time, we can turn our passion, attention, and physical actions into a new object that never existed before. Then we can trade it, if you will. Which means, that we have converted our human energy into an object creation, and then exchanged it for money.

This way, we can store our energy in the form of bills, coins, and numbers in bank accounts. Later, we can exchange this stored energy to something else at any time, for example, to purchase a holiday trip. That can fulfill us with more inspiration for future creation, or one rather should say further conversion.

Thinking this way, it all comes down to very simple question:

How efficient or intelligent are my energy conversion habits or algorithms?

That determines our success and fulfillment in life. More efficient conversion algorithms tend to make people more confident about their infinite potential as creators.

It gives the sense of stability from within. The feeling that you can create anything anytime, which makes you less dependent from what has been accumulated thus far with your prior conversion activities. Including the stored energy, such as your bank accounts, possessions, and other material objects and experiences.

This notion of endless possibility frees up your mind and soul from unnecessary thoughts of scarcity and lack. Everyone has access to this source of infinite creation at any given time, including myself and all the people around.


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