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Investors in the club invest in different areas – ventures, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, private equity, stocks and real estate. Through the exchange of experience, each investor gains access to other markets and opportunities that they have never had before.

Main Benefits

What do you get after filling out an application form and paying for access:

Access to the club’s private online platform

Communicate with other investors without restrictions

Access to projects and investment opportunities

Add projects in which you invest for additional capital

Evaluate and comment on projects and companies

Participate in club voting on various topics

Invest in selected projects without intermediaries

Promote your personal brand as an investor

For experts and experienced investors: add content and get publicity

Access to club's private online events

Access to a closed knowledge base

Access to all recorded performances from the online summits

How the Club works?

  • Monthly payment ($33) for the access (recurring payment, subscription can be canceled at any time)
  • Payment allows us make primary KYC
  • Each participant must fill out an application form
  • Filling out the application form and paying for access is a prerequisite for each club member

Why you should join our club:

  • Online access – participate in the club from anywhere in the world
  • Access to rare deals that are difficult to find on your own
  • Minimization of risks due to collective investment and feedback from other investors
  • The possibility of co-investment with minimal funds and diversify risks
  • Access to additional capital
  • Your continuous development and training through participation in online meetings and online conferences
  • The club is a self-organizing organization, so you always get information from real investors and know how things really are

Connecting Investors Globally to Rare High-Quality Investment Opportunities


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