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If you want to access the club as a project or company, in order to gain access to an investor audience around the world – follow our procedure. As a priority, we accept applications from existing investors of the club who require additional capital. We also accept applications from any companies and projects that require investment or want to promote their business. Participation in the club would be good for: 

How the Club works?

Step 1
Registration form
Completely fill out the registration form for your project / company so that our investors can conduct an initial assessment of the project.
Step 1
Step 2
Investor scoring
Investors from our club will score your project / company and decide whether to add you to the club.
Step 2
Step 3
Video interview
Club members will conduct interviews in a standard way. The recording of the interview is saved.
Step 3
Step 4
Voting process
The interview is published in the club’s common tape and voting is conducted. Based on the vote, a decision is made to approve or refuse to participate in the club. You get a report on the voting results.
Step 4
Step 5
If successful, your project / company will have the opportunity to pay and participate in the club. Terms of accommodation in the club individually.
Step 5
Step 6
Club Accommodation
Get capital and resources - communicate with investors, provide content and participate in online events.
Step 6

New era of fundraising

Use the fast way – get direct access to thousands of investors privately and audience of online summits

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Main Benefits

What you get out of being a part of the club:

Access to the club’s private online platform

Create your own separate community within the club

Place a project / company in the club catalog

Raise funds from club investors and VC's

Сonduct Online Pitchs for club investors

Receive feedback from investors and know what they want

Add your content and conduct online events for other club members

Participate in online conferences as speakers on special conditions

Why you should list your project / company in the club:

  1. Everything online – no expenses for face to face meetings, roadshow and flights
  2. You will receive access to additional capital from club investors
  3. You get an independent assessment of your project / company, thanks to feedback from investors and experts
  4. You will be able to manage your reputation and settle negative reviews
  5. You will receive the PR of your project / company through participation in online events and online conferences

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