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Exploring The Block produces multi-part series following the goals and achievements of featured companies such as Docademic (MTC) The only cryptocurrency that is making free basic healthcare a reality and LQDEX an Inter-Blockchain trading platform.

Docademic announced on the show and also debut the app Cool emotions. LQDEX, a decentralized exchange, announced on the show LQDEX Bridge, a new service enabling cross-chain asset trading on Ethereum exchanges.

Users stake money to enable the service, which uses a collateralizing process to create a stablecoin on Ethereum, which then enables trading of BTC and LTC pairs on the DEX. The show also has a diverse group of celebrity guest such as Chris Bukowski (Crypto influencer and Reality tv star of Bachelor Nation), Cassandra Vnook ( Million Dollar Realtor).

I have the privilege of helping Vince Caruso CEO & Founder, Stephen Simon President & Co Founder, and Adam Becker COO/Executive Producer cast top tier companies with real products for the featured segment . Exploring The Block also has a potential game changers segment the goal is to educate the public on the potential future innovations in blockchain technology.

Many of these companies will not become a featured company in the show and many may fail . Although with a little guidance, luck, and hard work a few of them will disrupt sacred cows and change the world as we know it.

James Sowers

James Sowers Is a Forbes Top 25 angel investor.

He was an early Bitcoin ,Ethereum, Litecoin , Stellar and alternative Cryptocurrency adopter, keynote speaker and south r after startup coach and mentor.

In the last three years he has 80 private company investments with 10 Exits most recently Deep Science AI tech crunch battle field and alchemist accelerator Alum.

He also runs a single family office and syndicates with other notable families.


Entrepreneurship, Financ,e Investments, Technological Innovation, Blockchain advisor, Start-up, Venture capital

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